photo by Scott Hoag of @rockwellcreative

photo by Scott Hoag of @rockwellcreative

Out Proud Families provide workshops and presentations for:

  • Families who want LGBTQ+ and gender-expansive children and youth to be safe and healthy.
  • LGBTQ+ young people who want to get the support they need from their families.

Laurin Mayeno has learned a lot about gender, sexual orientation, and other differences as the mixed-race mother of a gay son. She combines her life experiences with her expertise as a community educator to deliver workshops and presentations that inspire new ways of thinking and build bridges of understanding.  She shares personal stories and videos to spark dialogue and presents information to open up new ways of thinking about families with LGBTQ+ children, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and other differences. Laurin works independently or in partnerships with other consultants, parents, and educators whose expertise and experiences complement her own. She also teams up with her son Danny Moreno, who shares his experience growing up as a gender-expansive, gay child. Laurin is based in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA), and available to travel as needed.

Presentations, workshops and dialogues are available on the following topics and can be tailored to meet the needs of different audiences:

Understanding Gender Diversity

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation Basics – Learn the difference between assigned sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Unpack misconceptions that lead to confusion and fear.
  • Exploring Myths and Assumed Truths about Gender
 – Dig deeper into the myths and assumed truths related to gender that are embedded in our society. Explore how gender changes over time and across cultures and develop strategies for rethinking gender in families, schools, organization and schools.
  • Looking Within: Gender and Difference in our Caregiving and Parenting (for parents, caregivers and providers) – Reflect on how our identities and the ideas we have learned about gender from and early age impact how we care for our children. Explore perspectives that empower us to support our children fully.

Family Acceptance & Connections

  • Family Acceptance: A Process of Learning and Growth – Understand the process that many families go through to overcome confusion and support their LGBTQ children. Learn tools for getting through each stage successfully.
  •  Families and Coming Out: Understanding your Parents and Caregivers (for LGBTQ+  young people) – Most parents and caregivers go through a process before they can be fully supportive. How can young people deal with parents in different stages of the process?
  • Mother and Son: Becoming an Out Proud Family  – Hear the perspectives of a mother and her gay son and build intergenerational understanding through dialogue about the experiences of different generations.
  • Family Voices Transforming Culture – If all families and caregivers supported our children of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations, the world would be a much more welcoming and accepting place for everyone. Discuss the role of families and discuss strategies to build family engagement and leadership.

For more information, contact:  laurin(at) or 510-529-4597.