One of a Kind Like Me/Único Como Yo is a bilingual children’s book (ages 4 and older) based on a true story about a child named Danny who wants to be a princess in the school parade. He and his mom embark on a venture to find a purple princess dress. But will they find it on time?

“A delightful book… a story that needed telling… a liberating message for all children… One of a Kind, Like Me deserves to be present in every library, every school, every home.”

Alma Flor Ada, winner of the Pura Belpre Award

“One of a Kind, Like Me/Único como yo is a book every elementary school should own. It takes the subject of gender identity out of the public discourse, where morality and religion weigh heavily in the debate, and puts it into the personal realm of a young boy named Danny/Danielito.”

Maria Ramos-Chertok, Latinxs in Kid Lit

“There are very few children’s books that challenge gender stereotypes, but this one is a perfect example of what such books could look like. It’s even better that this cute story reads much like a fairy tale – because the reality of having to face bullies of all kinds for any child not falling with “the norms” is too sad to put in a book for young children.”

Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

The real Danny/Danielito when he was a princess.

A note from the author: When Danny was growing up, we didn’t know other families like ours, or see ourselves reflected in picture books. To fill this gap, Danny helped me create a story with a gender-creative child surrounded by a loving multicultural family and community. I hope that One of a Kind Like Me gives children a sense of belonging, courage to be who they are, and an appreciation for people who are different than them selves.

Written by Laurin Mayeno, Art by Robert Liu-Trujillo

Spanish Translation by Teresa Mlawer

Published by: Blood Orange Press,  September 2016

Distributed by: AK Press and Ingram

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